Trending October 2023 # Apple Wins Technical Emmy Award For Siri’s Integration W/ Apple Tv # Suggested November 2023 # Top 16 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Apple Wins Technical Emmy Award For Siri’s Integration W/ Apple Tv # Suggested November 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Apple is among a handful of companies who have just been honored with Emmy awards. Yes, you read that right. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the awards in a press release today, highlighting the “Sciences” aspect of its name. TechCrunch was first to note the inclusion of companies like Apple, DJI, Microsoft, and others.

Apple specifically was awarded with an Emmy for “Contextual Voice Navigation for Discovering and Interacting with TV Content.” This, of course, comes thanks to Siri’s support for quickly finding TV shows and content on the Apple TV. Comcast, Microsoft, and Nuance are among the other companies given the same award.

Meanwhile, Drone maker DJI was awarded an Emmy for its “Low Latency Remote Controlled Airborne Video Platforms (non-military) for Television.”

On the other hand, YouTube was honored for its “Video Identification Technology to Protect Content Value and Copyright.” 

This isn’t Apple’s first Emmy, though. The company won the much more notable “Outstanding Commercial” award back in 2014 for its annual holiday ad and has won several others before that.

Apple certainly won’t get any stage time at next month’s Primetime Emmy Awards for its Siri award, but it’s a neat gesture that highlights the “Sciences” aspect of the Emmys, an area that often goes overlooked.

“The Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards has always recognized the talented and innovative leaders and companies that have made the incredible world of television possible,” said Bob Mauro, President, NATAS.

Siri came to the Apple TV with the launch of tvOS back in 2023, allowing users to quickly navigate throughout the operating system using their voice. For instance, Siri can be used in conjunction with the TV app to quickly find a specific show, while it can also be used to rewind by simply asking, “What did he say?”

The full press release is below:


Robert Ross, SVP, CBS Engineering and Richard Friedel, EVP, FOX Engineering To Receive Technology & Engineering Lifetime Achievement Awards

New York, NY – August 29, 2023 — The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced the recipients of the 69thAnnual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards that will take place in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) at their annual NAB Show on Sunday, April 8th, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV.  Two broadcast technology icons, Robert Ross, Senior Vice President, CBS Broadcasting and Richard Friedel, Executive Vice President and GM, FOX Networks Engineering and Operations will receive the Academy’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for their distinguished careers.

“The Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards has always recognized the talented and innovative leaders and companies that have made the incredible world of television possible,” said Bob Mauro, President, NATAS.  “We are especially excited this year to be presenting our program at NAB Show for the first time where many of these leaders assemble. Two of these leaders, Robert Ross of CBS and Richard Friedel of FOX have been instrumental in our world of television anytime, anywhere and The National Academy is happy to be honoring them both with our Lifetime Achievement Award in Technology.”

Robert Seidel, Chairman of Technology & Engineering Achievement Committee said, “These awards honor the technology companies and individuals whose innovation and vision have materially affected the way the audience views television and have set the standard for technological excellence in the industry.”

“We are thrilled that NATAS has chosen to recognize the industry’s most innovative companies and leading technology minds at NAB Show,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith.  “As the world’s largest event focused on the intersection of media and technology, NAB Show is a natural fit for this prestigious awards program. We congratulate the award winners and look forward to celebrating their achievements in April.”

The individuals and companies that will be honored at the event follow.

2023 Technical / Engineering Achievement Awards

Contextual Voice Navigation for Discovering and Interacting with TV Content


Universal Electronics (UEI)

Apple TV

Nuance Dragon TV

Low Latency Remote Controlled Airborne Video Platforms (non-military) for Television

John McGraw

PictorVision Inc.

Aerial MOB LLC

Astraeus Aerial

Flying Cam Inc.

Vortex Aerial

Helivideo Productions LLC

Snaproll Media LLC


Pioneering and Productization of Supporting Digital Video Using SDI Over Fiber-Optic


British Telecom

Pioneering Development of a Computerized Hard-Disk Storage Based Digital Non-Linear, Multi-Stream Multi-Camera System

Avid Technology

Heavyworks (Edit Share)

Pioneering Development of a Portable, Battery Powered Audio/Video Test Signal Generator


Development of Integrated Consumer Video Conferencing Service into Broadcast Production Environments and Workflows

Skype (Microsoft)

Video Identification Technology to Protect Content Value and Copyright

Audible Magic



Friend MTS



Expanding-Side Television Production Mobile Units

CBS Television Network

The Gerstenslager Company

A Three Dimensional Doppler Radar System to Track and Display Fast Moving Pitched and Hit Balls


MLB Advanced Media


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Apple Is Giving Away Three Free Months Of Apple Tv+ To Apple Card Holders

Apple Card holders can enjoy three months of Apple TV+ for free as part of a marketing push to promote its new Pixar-quality animated film, titled “Luck.”

What’s happening? As the new Apple TV+ animated film “Luck” makes its debut, Apple has launched a new promotional effort for Apple Card holders.

Why care? If you are an Apple Card holder and new or existing subscriber to the company’s video-streaming service, this is your chance to enjoy three months of Apple TV+ on Apple. Who doesn’t like free? Besides, Apple no longer offers extended Apple TV+ trials like before, making this promotion more valuable.

What to do?If you have an Apple Card, check below the Apple Card menu for making payments in your iPhone’s Wallet app. You can also redeem the offer on the Apple Card promotion page.

Apple Card holders, here’s how to get 3 free months of Apple TV+

This promotion is not available to people who aren’t Apple Card customers. To get your there months of Apple TV+ on Apple, all you have to do is redeem the offer in the Wallet app on your iPhone or on the official promotion page on Apple’s website. You have until October 31, 2023, to redeem this limited-time offer.

Use this redemption link to get your three months of Apple TV+ for free:

There’s of course some fine print to consider.

The terms of this promotion

For starters, only new and existing Apple TV+ subscribers in the United States are eligible for this deal. If you’re subscribed to an Apple One bundle, you cannot redeem this offer. Only one offer is valid per Apple ID. If you use Family Sharing and one of the members enrolls in this offer, all participants on the account will be enrolled. Read: How to cancel your Apple TV+ subscription

Importantly, after your three free redeemed months end, Apple will start charging your Apple ID payment method $4.99/month for Apple TV+ unless you’re already a paying subscriber. New customers will want to set a reminder at least one day before their free period ends to cancel their Apple TV+ subscription and avoid unwanted charges. But if you do plan on using Apple TV+ after the promotion ends, then obviously don’t cancel your subscription after three free months.

“Luck” takes over Apple’s homepage

Apple rarely does such a thorough homepage makeover for Apple TV+ releases. Previously, the company promoted the second season premiere of “Ted Lasso” with a homepage takeover. And each January, the company celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the homepage.

What’s “Luck” all about?

“Luck,” however, is anything but yet another Apple TV+ release. It’s the first animated film for Apple TV+ that features Pixar-like animations. Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs created Pixar Animation Studios and later sold the company to Disney, becoming its largest individual shareholder.

Created by Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation, “Luck” is about the unluckiest person in the world, Sam Greenfield. Our protagonist suddenly finds herself in the never-before-seen Land of Luck, she must unite with the magical creatures there to turn her luck around.” You can stream“Luck” on Apple TV+.

New Apple Tv Accessories: Which Ones Should You Order?

Along with being able to order the new Apple TV, you can also order several new accessories to go along with your shiny new set top box. There aren’t a ton of accessories immediately available for the new Apple TV, but some of the ones that are available may be worthy of your consideration.

There are a few key accessories that Apple is promoting on its online store during the new Apple TV checkout process: the Siri Remote, Remote Loop, and the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller. Should you consider buying any of these in addition to your new Apple TV?

Remote Loop

Let’s start with the easy one, the Remote Loop. This product is there to help keep your Siri Remote safely tethered to your wrists so that you don’t have to think about accidental slips, drops, or flings.

It wouldn’t be right to talk about the Remote Loop without at least mentioning Nintendo’s Wii Remote, and wrist strap. This design borrows heavily from the Wii Remote’s wrists straps, and it’s intended to work in a similar manner.

The fact that the Loop attaches to the Lightning port on the Siri Remote is nice. That means you don’t have to wrestle with threading the strap into a small hole, and doing the reverse when you want to remove it. It’s literally just plug and play.

Siri Remote

Since the new Apple TV already comes bundled with the Siri Remote, this is a purchase that you’re going to have to more carefully consider than the other two. Do you truly need more than one Siri Remote? In most cases, the answer to that question is no.

First of all, the Siri Remote is on the pricey end of the scale, at $79, so it’s not something that you can just buy without thinking about it.

But besides price, you can’t use two Siri Remotes at the same time.

So why is Apple selling extra Siri Remotes if only one can be used per Apple TV? The most likely answer is breakage or loss.

SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller

The SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller ($49.95) is the only controller that Apple seems to be pushing during the new Apple TV launch. As such, you can consider it to be the de facto standard controller for those of you who want a traditional gaming experience on the new Apple TV.

The Nimbus is a Bluetooth 4.1-enabled wireless controller that lasts for up to 40 hours on a single charge. Speaking of charging, the Nimbus features a Lightning port, which allows it to charge it just like the Siri Remote.

The Nimbus features pressure sensitive buttons, dual analog control, dual left and right triggers, digital 4-way input, and color-coded player indicator LED lights on the face of the controller. It also features a menu button to allows you to access the Apple TV home screen menu and interface.

If this is the controller that Apple is pushing, then I think it’s a no-brainer purchase for anyone truly interested in gaming with the new Apple TV. In fact, I’ve already purchased mine. I think the $49.95 asking price is reasonable, and don’t forget that this controller will work with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as well. Expect a full video review of the Nimbus controller as soon as we get our hands on it.

What about you?

How To Fix An Apple Tv Not Connecting To Wi

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues with your Apple TV and it’s not connecting to Wi-Fi, don’t worry – there are some simple steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of fixing Apple TV Wi-Fi connection problems.

These fixes apply to all Apple TV models, including the latest Apple TV 4K.

How to know whether your Apple TV is connected to Wi-Fi or not

On most devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android phone, you can see if your device is connected to Wi-Fi by simply looking at the top status bar. However, this isn’t as simple with Apple TV.

If your Apple TV is not connected to Wi-Fi, fails to connect, or doesn’t work, here are all the solutions to fix such issues.

Restart your Apple TV

If you have not turned off your Apple TV in several days, some minor glitches may have caused it to disconnect from your Wi-Fi, and prevent it to auto-join that network.

To fix this, unplug your Apple TV. After a minute, plug it back in, and hopefully, your Apple TV will auto-connect to Wi-Fi.

Restart your Wi-Fi router

Whenever you face issues with Wi-Fi, one of the first things you need to do is turn off your Wi-Fi router and turn it back on. The easiest way to do this is by unplugging the router, waiting for 30 seconds, and plugging it back in.

Once you have restarted your Wi-Fi router, Apple TV should connect to it.

Make sure your Apple TV is within Wi-Fi range

Typical Wi-Fi routers have a range of about 150 feet or 45 meters on the 2.4 GHz frequency band. But this is weakened significantly because of walls and obstructions.

Here are a few possible solutions to address this:

Move your router as close as possible to your Apple TV.

If relocating your router isn’t possible, try moving your Apple TV and see if it helps. You may need to buy a longer HDMI cable.

Buy a Wi-Fi extender.

Connect to the 2.4 GHz band.

Switch to the 2.4 GHz band, which offers a better range

Chances are your Wi-Fi router supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The 5 GHz band offers faster speeds, but the distance its signal can travel is far lower than the 2.4 GHz band.

Therefore, if your Apple TV can’t connect to the 5 GHz band, follow these steps to connect to the 2.4 GHz band or an another network:

Wait on this screen until you see the Wi-Fi name you want to connect to. It will appear under the Choose a Network heading. If that Wi-Fi doesn’t show here even after waiting for a few seconds, go back and forth from this screen and retry until you see it. You can also quit the Settings app and navigate to this screen again.

Once you see the Wi-Fi name, select it and enter its password if asked.

Disconnect a few devices from the Wi-Fi network

Home Wi-Fi routers can easily handle dozens of devices. But still, if your Apple TV can’t connect to your home Wi-Fi or doesn’t show up under Choose a Network, go ahead and disconnect a few devices like phones and computers from that Wi-Fi network.

Now head over to Apple TV Wi-Fi settings and try connecting to the Wi-Fi. Once you’re successful, you can reconnect other devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Turn off your VPN

Unlike iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Apple TV does not support VPN (unless you jailbreak it). When you search for VPN on the App Store, all you will see are a few speed test apps.

However, you can use VPN on your Apple TV by configuring VPN settings on your Wi-Fi router. If you have done that, consider turning it off. After this, Wi-Fi should connect and work on your Apple TV.

Many devices have networking issues if their date and time are set incorrectly. Here’s how to fix this:

Open the Settings app and go to General.

Scroll to the bottom and make sure it says On next to Set Automatically. If not, select Set Automatically, and it will change from Off to On.

Forget and rejoin the Wi-Fi

If your Apple TV is connected to Wi-Fi but it isn’t working, you can forget and rejoin the network to refresh the connection:

Select the Wi-Fi network your Apple TV is presently connected to. It will appear above the Choose a Network heading.

Select Forget Network.

Now, restart your Apple TV.

Try updating to the latest version of tvOS

Although rare, it can happen that the current outdated version of tvOS on your Apple TV has some network connectivity bugs.

But like the previous solutions, this one is also contradicting as it isn’t possible to update your Apple TV if it fails to connect to Wi-Fi in the first place. However, you can temporarily move your Apple TV near the Wi-Fi router, connect to it, and update it to the latest version of tvOS. Once that’s done, move your Apple TV to its original location and see if it stays connected to Wi-Fi.

Here’s how to update your Apple TV:

Select Update Software.

Reset and set up your Apple TV

If none of the above solutions work, you will have to take the drastic steps of resetting your Apple TV:

Select Reset or Reset and Update and choose Reset again.

Once your Apple TV is reset, set it up again.

Restore your Apple TV

You cannot restore Apple TV 4K models as they do not have a micro-USB or USB-C port to connect to a computer. But if you have an older Apple TV (2023 or earlier), follow these steps to restore its firmware. Hopefully, it will connect to Wi-Fi painlessly after a complete restore.

Use Ethernet for the fastest speeds

You can use an Ethernet connection if, despite all the solutions, your Apple TV fails to connect to Wi-Fi or work on it. Note: All Apple TVs have an Ethernet port, except the Wi-Fi-only model of Apple TV 4K (3rd generation).

At last, if nothing helps, contact Apple Support and make an appointment with your nearest Apple Service Center for an inspection of your streaming box.

Other Apple TV tips:

Apple Tv Plus Free Trial: Here’S How You Can Stream Its Content For Nothing

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus has quickly become a major player in the streaming game since its launch in 2023. Its slate of original programming includes shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Foundation, and For All Mankind as well as movies like The Banker, Greyhound, and Palmer.

See price at Apple TV Plus

What is the basic Apple TV Plus free trial, and how long does it last?

If you just want to sign up for the service with no other commitments to buying hardware, wireless services, or anything else, you still get a free trial of seven days. That should be plenty of time to check out the many great shows and movies you can stream on your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV before you decide whether or not to keep it, or cancel before the trial runs out.

Get Apple TV Plus for free for three months with a hardware purchase

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

If you buy select new Apple devices, you can get a much longer Apple TV Plus free trial. Purchasing a new iPhone, like the latest iPhone 14 models, along with a new iPad tablet, will get you three months of Apple TV Plus for free. The same goes for purchasing a new MacBook or MacBook Pro laptop, or a Mac desktop. However, your best bet for this offer is to get the new Apple TV 4K 2023 set-top box. Not only is it the natural and best way to access Apple TV Plus, but it’s far cheaper than any of the other options, with the lower end priced at $129.99 and the higher model priced just $20 more at $149.99.

Other ways to get Apple TV Plus for free

 Here are some ways to get the service for a longer trial period than the normal seven-day period.

Apple One 1 month free trial for iOS and Mac users


Apple One bundles most of Apple’s online services, including Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+, under one price tag. Normally, this bundle costs $16.95 a month. However, the bundle does have a one-month free trial. The catch is that Apple One is just for iOS and Mac device owners (with one exception that we will get to later). Also, to get the one-month trial, you cannot have already subscribed to Apple TV Plus.

T-Mobile Magenta Max or Magenta plan offer

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

If you want to use T-Mobile as your wireless phone service, you get a very nice perk if you sign up for either its Magenta Max or Magenta plan. The normal Magenta plan includes six months of free Apple TV Plus service. The Magenta Max plan is even better, as T-Mobile says you will get the Apple TV Plus service for free for as long as you keep the plan.

Verizon One Unlimited plan

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Verizon has its own special wireless plan with a free offer for Apple’s streaming service. It’s called One Unlimited, and while it’s being marketed for iPhone owners, Android phone users can sign up for it as well. Besides the usual perks, like unlimited wireless data and 25GB of hotspot data, One Unlimited gives users access to Apple One at no additional cost. As with T-Mobile’s Magenta Max plan, you can keep getting the Apple One bundle for free as long as you subscribe to the One Unlimited plan. Yes, that means Android users can access this Apple One bundle for free.

Three months for free for Spectrum cable TV customers


If you get your cable TV via the Spectrum service, you can get a three-month Apple TV Plus free trial. Spectrum customers can go to the link below to claim the free offer. The promotion is scheduled to end on November 7, 2023.

Three months for free for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers


Microsoft is giving subscribers of its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service a nice perk from a long-time rival. In addition to offering access to hundreds of Xbox and PC games, plus cloud gaming, for one $14.99 a month fee, it currently offers three free months of Apple TV Plus, along with three free months of Apple Music. Subscribers can claim the trial offer from now until March 31, 2023.


Yes. You have to sign up for an Apple ID login and password before you can access Apple TV Plus.

No. If you sign up for one free trial with your Apple ID, you can no longer get an additional free trial if, for example, you buy another Apple hardware product.

Sort of. Apple offers qualifying students access to Apple Music for just $4.99 a month for up to 48 months with yearly verification. That same deal also includes access to Apple TV Plus at no additional cost, again for up to 48 months.

That’s a look at how you can access an Apple TV Plus free trial. We will update this post if any more offers are launched, or if the free trials are changed.

Microsoft Plays Down Apple Tv Numbers As Apple’s Cook Disses Gaming Consoles

Tim Cook shared a pretty interesting data point at yesterday’s D10: All Things Digital conference. He said Apple sold 2.8 million units of the $99 set-top box in 2012 so far, nearly matching sales for the whole of 2011.

Cook argued that 1080p hardware upgrade and greater content availability on iTunes helped drive sales. Microsoft was keen on pointing out that Apple TV numbers pale in comparison to its Xbox 360 console…

Cook also relegated dedicated console gaming to a niche market and repeated his predecessor’s stance on Apple TV being a hobby business when asked to provide an update of Apple’s television efforts.

It’s very uncharacteristic of us: We’ve stayed in the Apple TV product business, and we’re not a hobby kind of company, as you know.

Last year, we sold 2.8 million Apple TV’s. This year, in the first 6 months, we’ve sold 2.7 million. We’ve almost equalled last year. That was helped by 1080p and movies in the cloud. It’s a key part of the ecosystem.

This is an area of intense interest for us. Many of us, the TV that we do watch, is almost exclusively on it. That’s what my TV watching is. All of my movies, everything is coming through Apple TV.

To this, Frank X. Shaw, lead corporate communications for the Redmond giant, responded on Twitter:

66m Xbox customers streaming gobs of great content and playing great games = not hobby

I think it’s pretty telling Microsoft even bothered to address Apple ‘s numbers. By doing so, they just acknowledged Apple’s $99 hockey puck as a viable player in the living room space.

Or perhaps it was Cook’s assessment on Apple’s growing credibility in the fast-growing casual gaming market that has been ticking the Windows maker off?

Here’s that remark:

We’re in gaming now. One of the prime reasons buy an iPod touch is gaming. I realize that’s not the big screen that you’re talking about, but gaming has evolved a bit. You have more people playing games on portable devices than on the big screen TV now, so where we might go in the future, you know, we’ll see.

But this is an area where customers love games, we want to do things that customers want us to do. I’m not interested in being in the console business, “traditional” gaming.

But if you view gaming more broadly than that, then I feel we are a pretty big player today and the things we do in the future will only make that bigger.

Cook was taking a stance that gaming nowadays is undergoing a major shift from dedicated consoles that appeal to hard-core gamers to the on the go entertainment on smartphones that targets the growing casual gaming market.

Apple’s secret weapon in this regard is AirPlay, a media streaming technology which works in tandem with a $99 Apple TV box to stream games and other content from iOS devices (and soon from Macs with OS X Mountain Lion installed) to your television set.

Given impressive graphics capabilities of iOS devices and thousands of inexpensive (yet high-quality) games available on the App Store, such a combo effectively bypasses a dedicated gaming system, creating a valuable proposition for casual gamers.

Be that as it may, there’s no doubt that Microsoft will watching Apple’s television strides closely.

Earlier today, we reported on a rumor that Apple is readying a much more feature-complete version of the Apple TV software.

Said to launch in two weeks time at WWDC, the software will reportedly drive a full-blown television set from Apple, which by some accounts is already in early preparations for mass manufacturing.

An important caveat here.

There’s no denying Microsoft’s done a better job at signing deals with content owner.

Nowadays, one has more Hollywood movies and television shows available for streaming to their living room through the Xbox 360 console compared to what’s available on iTunes.

Analysts have long been warning that Apple needs to double down on content availability.

Being content with getting my digital entertainment via iTunes, I’ve only streamed a couple television show episodes through my Apple TV and bought only five movies so far.

As much as I wanted to, I simply find iTunes content seriously lacking in this regard.


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