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Trending October 2023 # How To Create Twitter Lists On Iphone, Ipad, Mac And The Web # Suggested November 2023 # Top 19 Popular

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Twitter is one of those platforms that you get comfortable with over time. And if you’ve been using it for many years, you might not pay much attention to new features or even those that can be useful. Lists is one of those features that can be quite beneficial and here we’ll show you how to create them.

How to create lists on Twitter

What are Twitter lists?

Twitter lists consist of accounts you follow. And when you access a list, you’ll only see the tweets from those accounts you add to it.

This is super handy for many situations. You can create a list of your favorite music artists, news sources, bloggers, or television personalities that you follow. Then rather than weed through your Twitter feed to see tweets from them, you can simply select the list to view them.

There’s some other cool stuff to know about lists. You can make them public or keep them private. So if you make one public, then other Twitter users can subscribe to it. And this also means that you can subscribe to lists create by others. This is a great way to stay up to date on tweets from accounts that interest you because those lists are already assembled.

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In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create your own lists. You can do this in the Twitter app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac as well as the Twitter website. Regardless of where you create a list, it will be attached to your account, so you can access it from your other devices.

Create a Twitter list on iPhone or iPad

Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad and then follow these steps to create a list.

1) On iPad, tap Lists in the left-hand menu. On iPhone, tap your profile photo and select Lists.

2) Tap the icon to create a new list.

3) Give your list a Name, optionally enter a Description, and turn on the toggle if you want to keep the list Private.

4) Tap Create.

5) Start adding accounts to your list by picking from the suggestions or using the search box at the top. Just tap Add next to an account to add it. As you add accounts, you’ll see them at the bottom.

6) When you finish, tap Done.

You’ll then be directed right to your list. You can browse through the tweets, select a certain account, see the members you added, or edit the list. And keep in mind that you can add or remove accounts from your lists anytime as well as delete a list you know longer want.

View your lists on iPhone or iPad by heading to that Lists section from the menu.

Create a Twitter list on Mac

Open the Twitter app on your Mac and then follow these steps to create a list.

3) Complete the details for the list including Name and Description (optional). Decide if you want to make your list Private and if so, turn on that toggle.

Like on iOS, you’ll then be directed right to your list. You can browse the tweets, view a certain account, see the members, or edit the list.

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Create a Twitter list on the website

If you want to create a list on the Twitter website, it’s just as easy as in the app.

1) Go to chúng tôi and sign into your account.

4) Enter the list Name, optional Description, and check the box if you want to make your list Private.

Wrapping it up

By using Twitter lists, you can easily check out the tweets from accounts you want to see at that moment. This is a great way to keep up with your followers.

Are you going to create a Twitter list or two? If so, check out our article on how to pin a Twitter list for even quicker access to it. And don’t forget to visit iDB on Twitter!

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How To Customize Your Twitter Notifications On Ios, Mac And The Web

Social media notifications can be both really helpful and really annoying at the same time. Of course, you want to be notified of things that interest you or you can take action on. But most times, this doesn’t include every single notification offered by the service.

Here, we’ll help you customize your Twitter notifications for only those things you want to see.

Accessing and customizing Twitter notifications

Accessing Twitter notification settings

The options you have for your Twitter notifications are currently identical across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The only difference between the apps for these devices and the Twitter website is that you can also tailor your push notifications on mobile or Mac. Obviously, the website doesn’t offer this.

To access your Twitter notification settings on iPhone, you’ll tap your profile photo and choose Settings and privacy.

On iPad, Mac, and the web, you’ll pick the More button from the left and pick Settings and privacy.

Once you’re in the Settings area, select Notifications. Then read on below for your notification options.

Customizing Twitter notifications

You can start customizing your Twitter notifications with the Filters at the top of the section. Then, move on down to the Preferences for push, SMS, and email notifications.

Twitter notification filters

Quality filter: By turning this on, you can filter out low-quality content. For details on this feature, check out our post from when the Quality filter first made its appearance.

Advanced filters: This setting lets you mute notifications from people you don’t follow, who don’t follow you, who have a new account, and more.

Twitter notification preferences

Push notifications: On iOS and Mac, you can decide which push notifications you want to receive that are related to you and your tweets, and those that come from Twitter.

Related to you and your Tweets: Some of the options here like Photo tags and Direct messages are a simple on or off. But others like Tweets let you choose how to handle notifications for specific people you follow.

From Twitter: For news, moments, broadcasts, and other items from Twitter, you can enable or disable those you want to receive.

SMS notifications: Like push notifications, you can customize what you want to receive related to you or from Twitter. So you might want SMS notifications for direct messages or mentions and replies, but not for Twitter news.

Email notifications: Email notifications are a bit more detailed than the other types above. And what’s nice is that you can enable or disable these notifications altogether if you want.

If you enable email notifications, you can decide which to receive related to you, from your network, and from Twitter. This includes weekly reports for your account, direct messages, top Tweets from your network, and Twitter tips.

To make sure you don’t fill up your inbox with Twitter emails, take a moment to mark those you really want if you plan to receive email notifications.

Wrapping it up

Twitter has healthy notification settings for sure. But since they are fully customizable, you can make sure that you’re only alerted with what you want to see on all of your devices as well as the web.

How To Turn On Privacy Screen On Iphone And Ipad

Are you tired of your family or friends always snooping around your phone? Well, these instances can be extremely frustrating, especially when confidential data is stored on your devices.

For these cases, a privacy screen is an easy way to create a little extra seclusion and can help hide your confidential information from the watchful eyes of prying individuals.

If you have already applied a privacy screen protector on your iPhone device, but want to go the extra mile of securing your data, then there are a few settings tweaks you can make on your iOS devices. 

So, in this article, let us learn about the different methods you can apply to take control of your device by protecting your data on your iPhone and iPad. 

The best option for creating a privacy screen functionality is to keep all your apps locked. However, unlike Android devices, iPhones do not have a direct way to lock apps. Nevertheless, you can still apply a few workaround methods for this issue. You can use shortcuts, guided access, limit screen time, and more. 

So, let us explore each of these methods in more detail below. 

Before we begin the app lock methods, please ensure you already have a lock screen password set up for your device. We suggest you make a strong pin code that is not easy or predictable to hack. Also, depending on your iPhone model, you can access Touch or Face ID. So, you can have these features enabled for easier access. 

Here are some steps you can follow. 

If you have certain default Apple apps that you want to hide from your device, then enabling the content and privacy restrictions feature can be the perfect method for you to apply. This method is a bit different in comparison to locking apps. After disabling the app from this setting, you will not see it on your device even if you do a thorough search.

Here are some step-by-step guides you can follow.

On iOS 12 and Newer Versions

On iOS 11 and Older Versions

Open the Settings app. 

Scroll down and tap on General. 

Now, scroll down again and tap on the Restrictions option. 

Enable by switching the toggle for Restrictions. 

Enter in a new password and re-enter to confirm the passcode. 

The guided access is a handy feature that allows you to keep your iPhone within a single app. As a result, it makes sneaking into your other apps impossible if you don’t have the needed passcode, touch id, or face id to exit out of this function. So, to enable this feature, here is what you need to do.

Head over to the preferred app of your choice.

To activate guided access, triple tap the home button or power button.

Tap on the Start option located in the top-right corner. 

Now, you won’t be able to exit out of the screen or switch to other applications. 

Similarly, To exit out, you can triple-tap on your home button or power button. 

Enter your passcode or exit through your Touch ID or Face ID.

Note: Depending upon your iOS version, some steps to this method might vary.

Alternatively, another useful way to lock apps is to create shortcuts that automate automatic locks when entering a specific app. You can initiate this process in single and multiple apps. This process is also quite easy to follow as you only have to configure it in shortcut settings and adjust them in your clock app. 

Here is how you can do it.

Now, head over to the app you just locked via shortcuts to test it out. It will briefly open for a second but will immediately lock your phone. So, to access it, you will have to unlock your phone by either face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. 

If you want to allocate a specific time frame to use certain apps, then enabling a screentime limit can be extremely helpful. After the set time has expired, your iOS device will be locked, and you’ll be asked to enter the passcode to continue using the app. 

Here is how you can enable screentime limits.

Some apps from your App Store come equipped with a privacy screen feature built-in to their system. These apps include Google Drive, Outlook, Paypal, Whatsapp, and most finance or banking apps. Finding the privacy screen feature will require scouring the app’s settings, and you will likely be able to conde it with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

Another plausible way to secure your phone is to install third-party applications on your iOS devices. Some of the more popular apps include AppLocker and Bio-Protect. However, with these apps, you will have to jailbreak your iOS devices which can possibly put your devices at more risk. So, please only use these options as a last resort. 

How To Apply For Apple Card On Iphone And Ipad

How to Apply for Apple Card on iPhone and iPad

Apple Cards bring more & more benefits to you that were unimaginable to us for a while ago. From paying the remaining amount interest free over a period of time to getting unlimited cashbacks, Apple Card is perfect for you. Now let’s get to know the ways to apply for Apple Card on iPhone & iPad:

How to Apply For Apple Card on iPhone and iPad

Before applying for anything & everything in the world, there are a few prerequisites that are required. So in our case of applying for an Apple Card on iPhone & iPad, below are the prerequisites:

First comes the age where the applier must be 18 years or older (the age may vary according to the geographical boundaries)

The person must be either a S. citizen or a lawful U.S. resident. Military addresses can also be used as the physical US address.

An iPhone that is fully compatible with the iOS version “iPhone 6 or later”

2FA (two factor authorization) with your Apple ID and signed in to iCloud.

Now if we are meeting all the above prerequisites, let’s apply for Apple Card on iPhone & iPad:

Start by opening up the Wallet app on your iPhone.

The next window will display an option to apply for an Apple Card & if not, you need to tap the + icon in the top corner.

Follow the process by tapping on Continue after going through the terms & conditions.

Fill in the details prompted by the system app (Apple ID, name, DOB, & etc) & continue with the address info.

Now you need to verify your identity by putting in the last four digits of your social security number.

The process is about to complete once you enter your total annual income (required by Goldman Sachs) & agree to the terms & conditions.

     Apple Inc is associated with Goldman Sachs to help users with Apple Cards.

Since the tool works quite fast, within a few moments, you will know if your request for an Apple Card has been approved or not. Simple as that!!

In order to open up the Wallet app on iPad, follow the below path:

Everything else is the same as it was for the iPhone because the filling-in-details & getting approval response from the app works that way only. Just the process of opening the wallet app on these different Apple devices varies a bit.

Please note, in order to apply for an Apple Card on iPad, the system requires iPadOS version 12.4 or later.

Wrapping Up

Applying for an Apple Card that will help you from getting lucrative cashbacks to paying less interest, is quite a good deal. There is no complicated process, no documentation involved, & you get instant response for approval/rejection.

In case you aren’t happy with the decision Apple took to reject your request, you can check the card application evaluation process here.

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How To Use Memoji On Iphone And Ipad Pro (Ultimate Guide)

Memoji lets you enjoy fun-loving messaging and FaceTime calls with camera effects. You can create custom Memoji on your iPhone and iPad with Face ID! It lets you experiment with the looks of your avatar and craft multiple Memoji that get along nicely with different conversations. Let us get started and see how to create, use, and manage Memoji on iPhone and iPad Pro.

What is Memoji?

Memoji is a personalized version of Animoji that you can create according to your liking. You can choose skin tone, hair type, eyebrows, glasses, eye color, and more to create your avatar. Memoji on iOS 13 and iPadOS also become sticker packs that you can use from your keyboard in Messages, Mail, and other apps.

You need an iPhone with Face ID and the latest iOS to create and use animated Memoji. But you can create Memoji stickers on any iPhone or iPad that runs iOS 13 or iPadOS.

Devices that support Memoji are:

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11

iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS

iPhone XR

iPhone X

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)

iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation)

iPad Pro 11-inch

How to Create Memoji Stickers on iPhone and iPad Pro

Choose skin tone, freckles, hairstyle, head shape, nose, eyes, lips, ears, and more from several available options. Pick out the one that you think best represents you or the mood you are in!

When you are happy with the result, tap on Done from the top right corner to confirm.

You can make as many Memoji as you want. The process will remain the same.

How to Use Memoji in Messages on iPhone and iPad Pro

Once you have crafted a Memoji, you can use it just the way you use Animoji on your iPhone.

Open Messages app → head to the conversation → tap on the Animoji icon.

Select your created Memoji. You can swipe right to left to see all your Memoji

Hit the record button and then say what you want. Finally, send the message.

You can record up to 30 seconds. Also, after you record, you may choose a different Memoji with the same recording. For this, tap the red stop button, and before sending the Memoji, swipe horizontally to choose a different Memoji. It will have the same audio and facial expressions.

How to Use Memoji in FaceTime

A compelling use case for Memoji is in FaceTime. It lets you use your preferred Memoji instead of your face during a FaceTime video call. It is fun, and you can give it a go. Here is how to use Memoji in FaceTime on iPhone and iPad Pro.

How to Use Camera Effects with Memoji

How to Edit Memoji Stickers

Open Messages app → Conversation → Animoji icon.

Swipe until you find the desired Memoji

Tap on three dots at the bottom left corner

Next up, you have three options:

Edit: It lets you change the looks of your avatar. Tap on it and then fine-tune it to your heart’s liking. In the end, tap on Done.

Duplicate: It allows you to create another similar avatar. But you can design your look from the ground zero if you wished to embrace a complete change. In the end, tap on Done.

Delete: Select this option if you don’t want to use this Memoji anymore and confirm.

Signing Off…

If you have multiple Apple devices and wish to have your Memoji on them, you need to enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID. Also, you must be signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on all your devices. Finally, iCloud Drive should also be turned on. (Settings app → your Apple ID banner → iCloud → enable iCloud Drive)

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The Best Apps For Car Shopping On Iphone And Ipad

Things certainly have changed when it comes to shopping. You no longer have to deal with traffic, crowds, and checkout lines. You can buy almost anything you want online or from an app. So when you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle, why not do it the same way?

Now of course, you’ll want to see that car in person, take it for a test drive, and make sure it’s in great condition, especially if it’s used. But you can get a jumpstart on your vehicle purchase with a handy app on your iOS device.

These car buying apps for iPhone and iPad let you find the right vehicle for you before you head out the door to see it. Instead of traveling from one car lot to another, check out these convenient apps for finding a new vehicle.

Best apps for buying a car

These car shopping apps do offer the same basic features. Search for a vehicle, see where it’s located, get its price, and more. So we’ll show you some of the standout features that make car buying a breeze.

Start by selecting new, used, or certified vehicles. Then pop in the make, model, price, location, and other optional details to narrow down your results.

With chúng tôi you get all the information you need to decide if you want to purchase the vehicle. You’ll also have options for online home delivery and virtual appointments where available.

What’s nice about this app is that you have a built-in calculator. Figure out what you can afford or how much your monthly payments would be. And if you’re selling, you can get in-person appraisals and create your own listing.

Availability: iPhone, Android, and the web

Cost: Free download

CarMax: Used Cars for Sale

CarMax starts you off a little differently than chúng tôi With this app, you can shop for cars in your budget to save time and energy from seeing vehicles you can’t afford. You can also look for vehicles by make or model, type or style, or price or budget if you rather.

Going beyond static photos, CarMax gives you a 360-degree view of the vehicle, inside and out. Then peruse the details, features, specs, and more.

Find out if you can afford a particular car or truck by entering your credit rating, down payment, and loan term length right on the vehicle detail page.

Call the seller, save your favorites with a free account, or sell or trade in your own vehicle. CarMax is a great app for finding your next car or truck.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web

Cost: Free download


Autotrader is another excellent app for car and truck shopping. And if you own an Apple TV, you can download the app there and shop from the comfort of your couch on the big screen.

Like the other apps, you can save vehicles you like, but you can also save your searches. So you can go back and see what new vehicles meet your requirements anytime you like.

When you’re ready to move forward, you can call or email the seller directly from the Autotrader app. You can also view the seller’s details when available like website, hours, and more.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, and the web

Cost: Free download

TrueCar: The Car Buying App

Looking for a vehicle but not sure which is the best car, truck, or SUV in its class? With TrueCar, you can browse the “best” guides to see descriptions, pros and cons, pricing, and overall assessments. Then, shop for the one you want!

Of course, you can also find vehicles by new or used, or a specific model. Configure all the options you’re looking for upfront and check out your search results. Or, let the app find a car for you based on the details you provide.

TrueCar gives you details like what other consumers paid for the vehicle in your state, similar cars for sale, and tons of photos.

If you want to sell or trade in your current car or truck, you can get an estimate on what your car is worth and start the ball rolling in just a few taps. For the full experience and to save configurations to vehicles you’re looking for, just sign up for a free account.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web

Cost: Free download


If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, CarFax is an app you want. You can view the history of a car or truck including damage or accidents, the number of previous owners, service records, and more.

Start your search by make and model or body type. Enter your location, mark the vehicle history options you want, and see your results.

You can view all information about the vehicle in addition to the CarFax report snapshot. Call or email the seller, share the details with a friend, or mark a favorite to revisit it later. You can also use the Check Availability feature which lets you fill out a quick form and send a message to the seller.

When you’re searching for a used car or truck, the history of that vehicle is important. CarFax gives you the history details you need.

Availability: iPhone, Android, and the web

Cost: Free download

Wrapping it up

Finding a new vehicle doesn’t have to be work. With these apps for buying a car on your iPhone or iPad, you can search, browse, and contact the locations quickly and easily.

For more, take a look at some of our app lists for other great tools for your devices!

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