Trending October 2023 # Pmi Rmp Training (7 Courses Bundle, 48+ Hours Of Video Tutorials) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Pmi Rmp Training (7 Courses Bundle, 48+ Hours Of Video Tutorials) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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About PMI RMP Training

Course Name PMI RMP Training Certification

Deal You get access to all 7 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 48+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Learn how to identify, mitigate and access the risks of a project in a standardized manner.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Risk Management and wants to make a career in this Field

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about Project Management would be preferable

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

PMI RMP Training Curriculum


PMI-RMP – Risk Management Plan and Strategy

This PMI RMP Training module will help you understand how to strategize and plan for the risk factors along with its uses, process and the flow of inputs from different process groups. You need to watch 33 videos in total to cover the Module.


PMI-RMP – Stakeholder Engagement

This module is all about how to build a strong stakeholder engagement to mitigate the highest possible risks with maximum planning. It also describes the importance of stakeholder engagement and analysis. To cover this module, you need to watch 42 videos in total.


PMI-RMP – Risk Process Facilitation

In this PMI RMP Training module, you will get to know about the role of a facilitator and how to make things easy and achievable for the process groups. You need to watch 73 videos in total to cover this module.


PMI-RMP – Human Resource Management

In this PMI RMP Certification Training, We will discuss the different plans and strategies to manage the resources, leadership styles, conflict management, team building skills, etc. You need to watch 11 videos in total to cover this module.


PMI-RMP – Communication Management

This PMI RMP Training module will discuss the way communication should be managed between the process groups and teams. How to control the flow of communication between the process groups and how to monitor all these things. You need to watch 12 videos in total to cover this module.


PMI-RMP – Risk Monitoring and Reporting

In this module, we will discuss how to evaluate the risk responses against the established benchmarks and the way of reporting those to the stakeholders. To cover this module, you need to watch 72 videos in total.


PMI-RMP – Risk Governance & Framework

This module will discuss the activities associated with risk governance and what are the responsibilities of the risk committee. It will also cover the IT framework and its domains. You need to watch 22 videos in total to cover the PMI RMP Training module.

What is PMI RMP?

PMI Risk management Professional (PMI-RMP) validates the expertise of a professional over risk management practices. This Certification is specially designed to address the risk management section in project management.

Starting from planning risk mitigation it covers various areas such as Risk governance and framework which will help you to find much deeper insight and a new lookout in risk management.

For a professional who is already working in project management, it provides them greater recognition and the ability to stand different in front of employers, Stakeholders, and peers.

What tangible skills you will learn in this Course?

Stake Holder Engagement: It’s a key factor to manage all the stakeholders in a way so that everyone will be on the same page and providing them an environment primarily build on trust. Therefore the outcome will be more and the conflicts will be less.

Risk Management and Facilitation: Handling the risks and their responses and planning the facilitation in a proper standardized manner.

Team Building and Human Resource Management: With risk management in focus there should be a perfect channel of communication. The risk would be minimum in case of a perfect communication and resource management

Risk Monitoring, reporting, and Governance: Planning for the risks were never enough, there is a proper way of monitoring the risks and the responses. then the reporting of the responses to stakeholders which makes the stakeholder engagement more effective.


Prior Understanding to project management and its process: A basic understanding of any methodologies like waterfall or spiral will be helpful while going for this PMI RMP Training.

Basic understanding of Project Risk and Its importance in a business or Organization: A candidate or a professional who is working in the risk management area would find this PMI RMP Training more helpful and applicable. With all those experiences he will find that perfect catch.

Target Audience

Project Management Professional: Most of the officials who go for the certification are either manager, the developers having enough experience in Project Management. Because through this certification they can showcase their versatility to their employer.

Project managers: professionals who are addressing risks and mitigation plans for a few years, With the help of PMI this certification will give you some new insights about Risk management and governance.

A PMI-RMP certification aspirant: anyone who is looking to attempt the PMI-RMP certification can go for the course for sure.

FAQs Why should I do this PMI RMP Certification Training?

Risk Management is something that will be always in focus. After completion of the PMI RMP Training, you will get a deeper insight, will be able to address the risks involved in the projects. And also, I will get a clear idea of communication management.

How this PMI RMP Training is different from PMP?

Project management is something is focuses on the whole project life cycle where starting from project initiation, team selection to project closure, but this certification focuses on Risk management practices. Starting from identifying the risks to forming the risk frameworks and domains to help the organizations. Stakeholder Engagement, risk monitoring, and reporting, risk facilitations were addressed in this PMI RMP Training which is different from the PMP certification.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

After this PMI RMP Certification Training, you will have a much better insight into team building, Human Resource Management, Risk management, Risk Governance which eventually helps you to protect and increase the need of your organization.

It gives you a platform to showcase your versatility in Risk Management and helps you stand different in front of recruiters, peers, and employers.

With the help of PMI RMP, you can give your career that much needed a boost by making it desirable for most of the recruiters.


Great Job

The content of the course is very good but I think it should have some subtitles and images to support the audio as some parts were very difficult to understand. But I learned many new things that I didn’t know earlier. A very enjoyable online learning experience overall.


Maura GonÇalves Couto

Easy but Impressive

This course on PMI-RMP has allowed me to evolve beyond my immediate career terrain and will hopefully accelerate my career progression in due course. I intend to acquire a more valuable learning experience by enrolling for more courses to attain my desired goals in life. Well, it was an amazing learning experience in education.


Ada Pasmaciu

Excellent Videos

Videos are in detail and easy to comprehend. The language is easy to understand and the ppt slides were very crisp. All the Leadership styles are covered in the videos. The difference between confusing concepts is also explained. Quotes from great personalities are also included.


Shyamala Iyer

Risk Monitoring and Reporting

The course on Risk Monitoring and Reporting is well worth your time and effort! It is a valuable course for all who need to get up to speed to do reports on risk in various situations. As usual, this course is presented in a very professional way. The course will pay back for itself if you apply it.


Greg Kowalczyk

Very informative course

Thank you.


Alin Luca

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