Trending October 2023 # Pubg Mobile Beginner’s Tips And Tricks To Master The Game # Suggested November 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Pubg Mobile Beginner’s Tips And Tricks To Master The Game # Suggested November 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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Recently, PUBG New State received a trailer showcasing new ways to create mayhem in the sequel to one of the world’s most popular battle royale games. If you’re excited about it as much as we are, you’re likely to brush up your skills in PUBG Mobile. However, what if you’re a beginner and haven’t played PUBG Mobile?

Don’t worry! We’re here with a few essential PUBG beginner tips and tricks to master the game. These tips will prepare you for the most difficult scenarios in PUBG Mobile until you meet newer challenges in PUBG New State. Let’s get started.

1. Dropping from the airplane

If you’re a complete beginner, choosing your drop location will be an important aspect of starting the match. If you’re playing solo, your drop location is easier to determine, as you won’t have any squadmates to follow or have them restrict your options.

The most crucial point to remember is to know when to drop. Don’t drop from the plane early into the flight path because you may encounter opponents from the beginning. Wait for the plane to complete at least over half the flight path before dropping!

However, you may have to work harder to get slightly better loot. But if the chicken dinner is your goal, it’s better to refrain from tackling enemies head-on.

2. Understanding the goal

Most beginners try to win the match by going head-first towards opponents and killing them off. This tactic only works if you’re a more seasoned player and want to increase your kills and assists. As a beginner, your main aim should be survival. After all, the chicken dinner goes to the player(s) who survive till the match’s end.

Of course, you may have to handle some intense gunfights towards the end. However, the majority of the match should involve you understanding how the game works, and the specific objectives that you and your squadmates (if any) should be aiming for.

Survival is the key. Once you learn how to survive in the chaotic maps of PUBG Mobile, you can pick up the pace and go for a more aggressive playstyle.

3. Choosing a drop location

Another key point to remember is to drop into safer locations at the match’s beginning. Each map has different locations that spawn various amounts of loot. The quality of loot also differs from location to location. This is why the locations with better loot tend to have more players fighting against each other.

Besides, maps such as Erangel and Miramar are infamous for a couple of locations with some of the most violent gunfights in the game. Erangel’s Pochinki and Miramar’s Hacienda del Patron are usually swarming with players searching for the best loot.

Your best bet is to stay away from these places (located centrally on most maps) as a beginner. Go to the places located further away to search for loot. You’re less likely to find enemies there. You can check out our explainer on the best PUBG loot locations to know where to head in the game.

4. Looting options

When you drop into a location for the first time, you should have a plan in mind about what you’re going to loot first. Finding a weapon at the match’s beginning would give you a better chance at survival, as other players may not have been as lucky. Finding gear such as a helmet and armor should be the next agenda on your list.

Other supplements such as painkillers and energy drinks can wait. Carrying these items without finding the appropriate gear or weapon first will only lower your chances of surviving an encounter with an opponent.

Don’t be picky when finding your first weapon of the game – any weapon will do, as long as it helps you defend yourself against the other players. If you’re still figuring out which weapon suits you best, here’s a list of the best PUBG guns.

5. Controls

You may not be a beginner at shooter and action games. However, PUBG Mobile’s controls take a while to get habituated to. Take your time figuring out the controls and the camera sensitivity. You often have to take quick actions to survive, and a slow camera turn shouldn’t be the cause of your character’s death.

Tinker with the controls to see what fits your playing style better. The main goal is to find the most comfortable control scheme to play to your full potential. Clunky controls will only hamper your experience with the game.

6. Graphics settings

PUBG Mobile can be a beautiful game to look at, especially in the newer and more powerful flagship mobiles. Nonetheless, as a beginner, you should keep the graphics settings at the lowest possible. It will not only reduce the lag but also help you play better.

Once you reduce the graphics settings, the foliage will be less dense. If you’re looking for an opponent and playing the game at the highest graphics settings, the foliage and grassy terrains may disrupt your field of vision. It’ll be difficult to spot the enemy. Less foliage means easier spotting. It may get much easier, but it doesn’t reduce the experience that you could still have.

7. Close the door(s)

When you’re looting, it may happen that you’ve entered a building that has its door open. While you’re searching frantically for a weapon or a vest, you won’t notice the enemy creeping up behind and hitting your head with a frying pan. By the time you understand what’s happening, your game will be over.

All the buildings in the maps have closed doors when the match starts. If you see a building with its door open wide, you can be sure that there isn’t much loot available in the house. It’s also a possibility that the opponents may still be in the house. Steer clear of these buildings.

It’s also important to remember that you should close the door of the house immediately after entering it when you’re searching for loot.

8. Parking space

PUBG Mobile maps are big. You will have to use vehicles to get to the map’s different locations. Controlling the vehicles, however, is an entirely different matter altogether. PUBG Mobile’s vehicles don’t have the best vehicle physics, which is understandable as it isn’t a racing game.

However, you should still be careful when operating a vehicle in the game. If you’re going at serious speeds, most vehicles will be difficult to control. Make sure not to hit anything solid like a tree or a building at such high speeds, as the vehicle will explode directly on impact.

Further, you shouldn’t park vehicles incorrectly. The vehicles will roll down if kept facing a slope. Park your vehicle sideways and away from the slope.

9. Taking fire

PUBG Mobile’s maps have different terrains for you to explore. These also include open plains near buildings or valleys surrounded by hills. Many players tend to camp inside these buildings or at the hillsides, waiting for enemies to run across the plains so that they’re set up for the perfect sniper shot.

If you’re crossing an open terrain and taking fire from a ranged area, do not immediately go to a prone position. You’ll be slower and still in the line of sight of the opponent who is shooting at you. Start running frantically in different directions – do not run in one direction for too long. As you keep zig-zagging your way through the field, you’ll also make a difficult target for your opponent.

There are three levels of armors and helmets in PUBG Mobile. Each successive level is better at handling damage than the previous level.

11. Hiding in the blue

As time progresses in a match, the playable map gets smaller. You’ll notice that a blue circle closes in on the map, and venturing out of the blue circle will result in you taking damage to your health. As the circle closes in on the last playable area, the damage you take increases (if you’re caught in the blue zone).

Hiding out in the blue zone after you’ve equipped yourself with health packs, painkillers, and energy drinks, is a good idea as you can avoid big gunfights.

You can also get easy kills and assists by killing off any enemies who are already damaged by exposure to the blue zone. Don’t linger too long, though, and track your health bar.

12. Using attachments

PUBG Mobile offers many different weapons and the ability to customize them to suit your playstyle or role. Regardless, you shouldn’t be going for the “the bigger, the better” principle on attachments.

If you’re using a submachine gun such as a UZI, attaching an 8X scope to the gun will be overkill. A 2X scope or a Red Dot sight would work just fine.

Moreover, some scopes are not meant for certain rifles. You should experiment with different guns to find compatible scopes with your favorite weapon. Once you understand this, your loadouts will be easier to manage, and you’ll have a better understanding of the game.

13. Burning bridges

Most maps in PUBG Mobile have bridges to cross rivers and go to different areas. If you’re playing alone, it’s a good idea to avoid bridges as much as possible. It’s a lot safer to cross bridges with a fully loaded squad with you if things take a turn for the worse.

You’ll find plenty of enemies who will ‘guard’ the bridges and stop other players from entering the safe zone. They’ll try to ambush their opponents, kill them, and take their loot. You’ll be better off swimming to the other side or even taking a boat (if you can find one).

14. Consumables

Some items in PUBG are meant to be consumed, not hoarded. Painkillers and energy drinks fall into this category. These items do not carry over into the next game or increase your overall stats. So take the consumables when you can. They’ll help you to regenerate your health in dire cases.

If you’re in the latter stages of the game with only a few opponents left, it’s a good idea to keep your health to the max for that chicken dinner. Consume painkillers and energy drinks to keep yourself boosted, as less wealth at this stage will cripple your chances of winning the match.

15. Looting crates

PUBG Mobile has a mechanism whereby you’ll receive special loot after certain intervals of a particular match. These airdrops are very useful and give you some rare guns, if you’re lucky, a ghillie suit for maps such as Erangel and Sanhok. You’ll have to bear in mind that many players go for these airdrops, and gunfights do occur to get this prize.

If you find yourself looting an airdrop and can’t find enemies nearby, you can ensure that enemies are heading for the loot. When looting the crate, go prone. This will provide you with enough cover from the oncoming bullets. Once done looting, move to a safer area.

That’s it!

PUBG continues to attract millions of players each year. With the upcoming release of PUBG New State, a substantial amount of players will be added to the fanbase. This means that the competition will increase as well.

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