Trending October 2023 # Send A Personalized Greeting Card This Year With These Apps # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Send A Personalized Greeting Card This Year With These Apps # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular

You are reading the article Send A Personalized Greeting Card This Year With These Apps updated in October 2023 on the website We hope that the information we have shared is helpful to you. If you find the content interesting and meaningful, please share it with your friends and continue to follow and support us for the latest updates. Suggested November 2023 Send A Personalized Greeting Card This Year With These Apps

Greeting Cards on Mac

Give a Card Through iOS

It’s a common fact that there are more iOS users than Mac users. Coupled with the fact that you may always be on the go, having a quality greeting card app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch may be essential this holiday season. The most common choice is Cards for iOS.

For those who haven’t used Cards, it is sort of reminiscent of the cards section of iPhoto that we just mentioned. They share some of the same themes and the process for creating a card on the app is quite identical. When you are done creating the card, simply checkout and the card will be shipped to the address you asked for. Shipping deadlines are the same as that for iPhoto, so be sure to order in time!

Holiday Cards Through “Gyft”

Previously, when mentioning Square Wallet, we went a bit into gift cards. However, there are many other applications available out there than the newly released Square gift cards that can be useful for the holidays. One popular application is Gyft. This application allows you to find a retailer, purchase the gift card within the application, and send it off through Facebook, email, or text message.

Plus, if you have your own gift cards you haven’t used, you can easily upload it to Gyft and send it off. Gyft is a wonderful alternative for individuals unable to have Passbook. While you won’t have the features like being able to hold tickets and passes, you can still do something Passbook can’t, purchase gift cards in-app and send them.

Ari Simon

Ari Simon has been a writer with Make Tech Easier since August 2011. Ari loves anything related to technology and social media. When Ari isn’t working, he enjoys traveling and trying out the latest tech gadget.

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How To Check Your Flights With These Iphone Apps

No matter how hard you try to avoid them, flight delays are an unavoidable part of visiting the world. Traveling is already stressful enough, so having a flight delayed can take a bad day and make it much worse.

The good news is that there is some relief. While iPhone apps can’t stop bad weather or maintenance issues, they can help you be prepared. These apps will help you be on time, stay on time and give you instant alerts of flight changes.

1. FlightAware

With its “NEXRAD” radar overlay, you can see air traffic in real time as it happens. Want to know what weather stands between your flight and its destination? That’s available at the push of a button. Push notifications are at your disposal, and you don’t even need to open the app to see gate changes or flight status. That it has a desktop site with all of this info is just icing on the cake. Just be sure to check out the “Misery Map” on the Web.

2. The Flight Tracker

When simplicity rules the day, The Flight Tracker is the go-to app for checking flights. Living up to its name, you’ll find plenty of details related to arrival/departure time, seat maps, gate change alerts and more. If you want information on the terminal so you can pre-plan where to eat, this is the app for you.

When a layover is unavoidable, the app displays all relevant information including a layout of the airport. Rest assured if a delay is five minutes or five hours, there are a plethora of notifications available from email, text message, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The app syncs with your calendar and, for frequent or business travelers, with a TripIt account as well. Best of all, it works anywhere in the world from the smallest airport to the largest.

3. FlightStats

While it isn’t the prettiest app on the list, FlightStats is well deserving of a shoutout. Right away it grabs attention with its price tag. It’s 100% free and includes an Apple Watch app as well for even easier flight tracking. All of the essentials are here with in-depth information on flight times including arrivals and departures, gate changes and weather status.

What helps separate FlightStats from the rest is built-in support for Siri’s Shortcuts app. Want quicker information to flight status? Just add the shortcut. Want even quicker access to all of your flight information? Just add the Today Widget to your home screen. There’s so much to love about this app that it’s easy to overlook its somewhat bland design. In the case of FlightStats, function truly is more important than form.

4. FlightBoard

5. FlightRadar24

Sometimes you don’t even have to be flying to just love seeing air travel in action. Perhaps you love knowing what flights are overhead right now. That’s why Flightradar24 is a must-download. There’s something both serene and chaotic watching aircraft around the world moving in real-time. And if you want to see what the pilot sees, flip on 3D mode and be in awe.

Whether or not it’s your flight or a flight at random, tapping on any plane on the map shows you all relevant flight info. You’ll see route, time of arrival, speed, altitude and so much more. With the ability to set up custom alerts, you can track any flight into a destination by aircraft type, airline or flight number.


David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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Learn New Foreign Languages With These Windows 10/11 Apps

Learn new foreign languages with these Windows 10/11 apps






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you want to merge beautiful and useful, and want to start learning the new language in the Windows 8 or Windows 10 environment, you’re in the right place. I chose a few apps which will definitely help you to expand your knowledge of languages. These apps will learn you major World languages with interesting lessons and well-designed interfaces. So if you were uncertain about what app to choose, I hope this article will help you in making a decision.

Use these apps to learn foreign languages

If you want to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish or English, then Duolingo is perhaps the best apps that you can use. The learning process is fun and helping to become fluent in your foreign language of choice in no time. Totally fun and 100% free.

Users are very satisfied with this app, as you can see from the reviews they added on the app’s download page:

So, if you’re finding hard to believe that, go ahead and download Duolingo and see for yourself.

If you want to help your kids to learn some foreign language, you definitely should try iTooch. This apps is much more oriented to elementary scholars and children then Babbel, and it should provide them an interesting and effective way to learn something new. But, iTooch is not only the language-learning-oriented app, it offers you probably the largest collection of educational activities that could be found on the App Store.

iTooch is based on the US National Common Core Standards and it offers you lessons in Math, Language arts, Science and Health. This app will definitely help parents, teachers and students to learn amazing new things in a fun and motivating way. Every iTooch learning app is available in the App Store individually, for the price of $4,99.

Expert tip:


Babbel will definitely be your first choice if you want to learn some foreign language with ease. Babbel language learning apps were first available to iOS users, and they were absolutely delighted with them. And now, Windows 8 users will finally have that privilege to learn various tongues with Babbel. Babbel doesn’t come as a single app, but as 11 apps, one app for each language. With Babbel apps you’ll be able to learn: Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Babbel uses various methods of learning, such as repetition, visual cues, spelling exercises and voice recognition in order to provide you an easy and interesting way to learn the new language.

Every single app is free to download from Windows App Store, with a company spokesperson saying that the WP8 builds “are mainly vocabulary trainers with 3,000 words broken down into themed lessons.” So, only if you’re willing, you have anything you need to learn any of above-mentioned languages without paying a single penny.

UPDATE: The app is no longer available for Windows 10, but you can download it on Android on iOS devices.

MobileFusion Language Learning Apps

If you somehow want an alternative for Babbel, your shot might be some of the free language learning tools from MobileFusion. This developer offers you eleven free language learning tools, including: Learn Russian Deluxe, Learn German Deluxe, Learn Turkish Deluxe, Learn Greek Deluxe, Learn Dutch Deluxe, Learn Danish Deluxe, Learn French Deluxe, Learn Portoguese Deluxe, Learn Spanish Deluxe, Learn Italian Deluxe and Learn Swedish Deluxe. MobileFusion assures you that using their apps will be the most entertaining way you have learned some of these languages so far, it’s up to you to decide whether they’re telling the truth or not.

UPDATE: The app is no longer available for download in the Store.

For more information about specific language learning apps, you can check out the guides below:

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10 Best Reddit Alternatives Of This Year

10 Best Reddit Alternatives to Try In 2023

Here is the answer, Reddit has its own rules and regulations which need to be followed by its users and if you forbid to do so, Woosh! You are permanently banned! ?

That’s why there is a need for an alternative. There are a lot of platforms like Reddit, which function the same as Reddit and have no restrictions at all.

10 Best Reddit Alternatives:

We have listed the top 10 Websites Like Reddit to make your grip stronger on the world’s questionnaires. Get ready to discover the best content on the Internet using the best sites like Reddit.

1. Quora

You can put your question on your account and people answer your questions. Quora also gives suggestions of the user from whom you can ask. All you need to do is select the topic, and you will get the questions and answers related to that particular question.

SignUp on Quora From Here.

Also Read: Best Gmail Alternatives

2. HackerNews

Hacker News is a Site Similar To Reddit, which is owned by YCombinator. This website contains almost everything, from the vast topic of technologies to startups.

You will find the news posting by valid, trustworthy sources like BBS, Github, Microsoft, and so on.

SignUp on Hacker News From Here


Hubski is another great Reddit Alternative where you can find amazing, ideas, stories and thoughtful information and conversations. What else do we need?

Users can build a feed and create any content they wish to like along with following their preferred tag.

SignUp on Hubski From Here

4. Mashable

Mashable is Websites Like Reddit, which is an addictive site and is full of informative content. You can stay updated with news of the latest technology, games, web development, gadgets, marketing tools, social media, etc.

Mashable is a user-friendly Reddit Alternative which is really easy to navigate.  Moreover, if we talk about its active users, Mashable is proudly owning  45 million unique visitors every month, and 28 million social media followers along with almost 7.5 million shares monthly.

SignUp on Mashable From Here.

5. Digg

Digg is another excellent option that can be chosen as a Sites Similar To Reddit. If you are already tired of intricate UI of Reddit, then definitely Digg can be your next take.

You will find all the information related to technologies, about the world and its people.  Digg comprises videos, stores and top stories for its users which make it stand alone in the crowd.  You can also take online courses starting from $2. What else you will look for?

SignUp On Digg From Here.

6. Hive

To be honest, Hive is not as big as Reddit, but it is a fantastic platform with a similar UI to Reddit. Just like Reddit, you can also find the option to Upvote and Downvote on posts published by other users. You can be a part of various communities on Hive for discussing various topics.

Among all the Reddit alternatives, Hive is a pretty suitable choice for people looking forward to getting rewarded with cryptocurrency. People who are looking forward to consuming a lot of cool and interesting content, then you should be right here!

Sign up on Hive Blog

7. 4Chan

The platform allows users to post related to topics ranging from Music, Fashion, Video Games, Politics, Fitness, Movies, and more. What’s the best part? You can stay completely anonymous! Hence, you don’t need to be accountable for any post.

Sign Up on 4Chan

8. ProductHunt

Next on our list of Top 10 Reddit Alternatives, include ProductHunt. The platform offers you a lot of information related to various categories like technology, innovations, and more. It can be your go-to platform if you are looking forward to doing some research about certain gadgets, games, products, and more.

The majority of the users prefer to stick to this Reddit Alternative, as it gives them the opportunity to create their list of informative articles that can be shared with like-minded people. If you are someone who loves to have real-time discussions on topics related to technology, then ProductHunt is the right space.

Sign up on Product Hunt 

9. Slashdot

What we most liked about this Reddit Alternative is how it focuses on making a piece of content appealing to read. You can even find a dedicated section of highlights, where you can read the most important information about a subject and make notes.

Sign up on Slashdot

10. Steemit

To be honest, if you are looking for an exact forum like Reddit, then look no further than Steemit. It’s the closest Reddit competitor and has been around for quite a long time. The only difference is that Steemit is blockchain-based and it rewards users with its cryptocurrency – STEEM, for publishing content.

Sign up on Steemit

Final Word

It’s always refreshing to try hands in new technologies and social media alternative websites.  Try these apps and if you have any other Sites Like Reddit that you use, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

We hope you liked this article. Don’t forget to upvote, share with fellow technophiles. Subscribe to our Newsletter for some helpful tips and tricks.

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Harshita Singh

Top 5 Apps To Send Secure, Encrypted Messages

All of us use text messaging applications on a regular basis, but hardly anyone cares about the fact that some of the popular apps we use today do next to nothing to preserve our personal data. What we do not fear , we forget, but there are those amongst us who would like to keep their private conversations private and not share them with any outsider. With privacy and encryption of messages in mind, here is a look at some of the best ‘private’ messaging apps available to us today.


Wickr is one of the few apps which lays a great emphasis on security and provides multiple layers of protection to your private messages. Users can send messages and media on this app with user-defined lifespan, which might range from 3 seconds to 6 days.


TextSecure is a free and open source messaging app which can send SMS and MMS messages.  Upon setup, it allows you to create a passkey so as to encrypt your local messages, and thus allows you to add a level of security to the messages stored in your device. It also gives you the option of copying all your previous messages from your existing messaging apps along with the choice to delete all old messages from the last messaging app you were using.


Telegram is a messaging app which offers speed, security and secrecy. A ‘New Secret Chat’ option allows user to start a chat with end-to-end encryption, where data remains encrypted on the server side until it is unraveled at the receiver’s end. Telegram’s developers claim that no data is stored on Telegram’s servers.

Secure Send Private Messenger

S2end or Secure Send Private Messenger which allows user to personally encrypt the messages they send. These encryptions have to be decrypted by the receiver before they can read the message.


Wire, much like Telegram, is a competitor for apps like Whatsapp and SnapChat. It too has a ‘Secret Chat’ function where end-to-end encryption can be added to the messages. A menu on the top of the secret chat window allows users to attach a self destruct timer to the messages.

Other Apps

Other than these apps, there exist on the play store various other messaging apps that provide encryption and secret messaging services, such as BurnNote, TigerText, SnapChat etc. All these apps are fairly popular and from trusted developers.

Locking Messaging apps and Text Messages

Certain apps provide the user the ability to lock other apps, allowing him to lock his messenger and thus adding a protection at the local level. These apps are very simple to use and very effective, as they prohibit any unauthorized access to the messages. Some examples of such apps are App Lock, Smart App Protector etc.


These messages would then not be visible on the messaging app and only be displayed in the Vault app after the user has entered the Vault password to open the app.


Using encryption, password protection etc the user gains the ability to protect his conversations with his near and dear ones. In an age where there is always someone looking over your shoulders, privacy has become very important yet rare and these apps aim to help users achieve some amount of protection.

As technology will take bigger leaps, new methods to breach security will evolve, and only those apps which evolve in response through countermeasures and updates will turn out to be successful. In the end, it would be these apps which will help in making sure that devices and especially a user’s communications remain secure, private and protected.

Roundup: Apple Watches We Expect To See This Year

While we are still months away from a potential new Apple Watch debut, rumors have been speculating for some time. Unlike last year, we are expected to see at least two new watches from Apple in 2023. Here’s a roundup of what we could see from Apple’s line of wearable tech this fall.

Apple Watch SE 2

There is very little we’ve heard so far about a new Apple Watch SE. However, Apple is due to upgrade its mid-range watch, as it was released back in September 2023. Debuting alongside the Series 6, the current Apple Watch SE has the specs of the Apple Watch Series 5. Could the Apple Watch SE 2 have the specs and design of the Series 7 and debut alongside the Series 8? 

Famed Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman both reported that Apple plans to release an updated version of its more affordable Apple Watch SE. So far what we expect to see would be an updated processor and the addition of new health features.

While the SE includes most features from the Series 7, there are a few that are missing. Not including the thinner bezels, the Series 7 has a full QWERTY keyboard as well as an always-on Retina display. It also features ECG capabilities an a blood oxygen sensor. There is a possibility the ECG and blood oxygen sensor may be included in the Apple Watch SE 2.

As someone who owns an Apple Watch SE and doesn’t use many of the health features, I’d personally like to see Apple focus on a redesign for the SE 2. 

The current Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 7 released in October of last year; it is likely we will see the Series 8 arrive in fall of this year. Kuo noted last year that the Apple Watch Series 7 would have a major redesign. The watch was expected to feature flat sides and squared edges. Apple did face production delays due to this new and complicated design that never came to be on the Series 7. Could this new design come to the Series 8?

An investor note seen by 9to5Mac mentioned that the eighth generation of the Apple Watch could have temperature management capabilities. This feature would let users check their own body temperature using their Apple Watch. Mark Gurman has mentioned this as well in his Power On newsletter.

In addition to a redesign and new health features, it seems inevitable that the Series 8 would have the S8 chip, just like the Series 7 has the S7 chip, the Series 6 the S6, and so on.

Potentially the Apple Watch Series 8

Don’t forget the “rugged Apple Watch”

We’ve also heard rumors that Apple is considering making a rugged version of this wearable technology. Bloomberg previously reported that this device would be called the “Explorer Edition” and would offer shock resistance and a more protective exterior. While this has yet to come to fruition, this would probably only satisfy a small portion of Apple consumers – no word on when or if this will debut.

Potentially the Apple Watch Explorer Edition

Anything else we could see from Apple Watch this year?

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