Trending October 2023 # Top 20 Different Framewroks Of Python To Learn # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Top 20 Different Framewroks Of Python To Learn # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Introduction to Python Frameworks

Python frameworks are basically a collection of modules or packages that help in creating web applications and enable automating of the common implementation of certain required solutions, thus increasing scope for users and giving them the flexibility to concentrate more on the logic of the application instead of the basic processes involved in a routine, eventually making things quite easier for web development enthusiasts by giving them a proper structure for app development, and also providing frequently used patterns in a web application, which are best in terms of technical performance.

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Why Python?

1) programmer friendliness and easy to understand.

3) Good flexibility and component Integration. ( Can be combined easily with applications and tools)

4) portability of the platform. (Ability to scalable across any platforms)

5) Opensource availability.

5) Etc.

What is python frameworks?

A web framework is a software entity that is used to build web applications. the web framework holds the client-side and server-side programming contents.

The server-side takes in the databases and their particular controls. while the client-side takes in the GUI elements. The web framework implies a standard procedure in developing websites.

An API acts as a messenger that carries the user’s request to the database, and the receiving system gathers this information and returns the response to the user.

Frameworks of Python

Some of the most famous web frameworks of python are as below:

1. Django

One of the most widely used python frameworks is a high-level framework that encourages clean and efficient design. the various development works possible with Django are,

1. Creating and deploying RESTapi.

2. web application deployment.

3. Performance improvement through web application caching.

4. Application testing using Django.

The key features of Django are:

1. URL Routing.

2. ORM mapping. ( The mapping between the objects in the program and relations in the database)

3. Template engine.

2) Pyramid

The pyramid is a high-speed python web framework, and it is open source. one drawback of this framework is the lack of clarity in its own documentation provided, the major features of the pyramid are as below

Extensible configuration.

All-embracing templating and asset specifications.

Flexible authentication and authorization.

Testing, support, and comprehensive data documentation.

View predicates and many per-route views.

Function decorators.



3) Circuits

These circuits’ framework is largely recognized for building standalone applications and are also compliant with building multiple processes.

It is a largely event-driven framework that offers the greatest hold up in concurrency, asynchronous IO components.

4) Watson framework

Another efficient framework that is sorely built to application development instead of toiling within the framework itself.

5) Pycnic

In the case of developing JSON oriented API’s Pycnic is measured as the best ever web frameworks for Python. These are specially optimized for JSON API’s and are object-oriented. Due to its ability to handle JSON based API’s it stands alone and strong in its purpose in comparison to the other API’s.

6) TurboGears

Again a full-stack web application development framework of python. It is also an open-source framework. The key features of turbo gears are as below,

Multiple database support.

Formencode is used for validations.

Templates from PasteScript.

Support for SQLAlchemy and SQLObject.

The server end and front end are coordinated here using the ToscaWidgets application library.

MochiKit JavaScript library integration.

7) Web2py

An open-source full-stack framework associated with its own IDE for programming executes almost any type of OS. Here error logging and ticketing is used for error tracking. Internationalization is also supported here a lot more.

8) Flask

Flask falls under the BSD license. If a software holds a BSD license, it has minimal restrictions over the distribution of the software. Flask depends on the Jinja2template and Werkzeug WSGI toolkit. The key features of the flask are,

It holds a very fast debugger environment.

Request dispatching through REST.

Secure cookie and testing support.

9) Bottle

A microframework specially builds for designing an Application programming interface. The default features associated with to bottle framework are Routing, a built-in HTTP server, A super-fast template engine.

10) CherryPy

A simple web framework, much more relevant to the other web frameworks in python. The key features of cherrypy are,

A thread pooled server built on WSGI.

Ability to execute more than one HTTP servers at once.

Flexible and very powerful configuration and plugin system.

Built-in utilities for profiling and testing.

11) Sanic

A web framework built for asynchronous HTTP request-response handling. Running on python 3.5, it has the capability to handle large amounts of requests in a single hit. A benchmark test was conducted to determine the ability, and it was noticed Sanic was able to handle around 33000+ requests on a single time parallel.

12) Tornado

It provides user authentication and real-time services.

High-quality performance.

HTTP Client, which is never blocked.

13) Hug

The hug is another Python-based web framework that makes available the developers with the suppleness of budding your API. Here multiple interfaces are introduced as layer by layer to simplify the process of API build. It acts to be the fastest framework for building API’s.

15) Growler 16) Morepath

It is an extremely powered framework that ensures a very less setup footprint like inducing python data structures in RESTful web services; this framework can kickstart many of the key use cases. One of the largest exclusive features so as to are possessed by MorePath is that it routinely twist framework paths to application links with the cleanest URLs.

17) Falcon

A WSGI library that helps in building an application programming interface in a very short period of time. It mostly eradicates all dependencies and allows us to establish a transparent design for HTTP purposes.

18) Reahl

A framework is purely written in python. Reahl uses concepts, widgets and events. Here some widgets can be customized as be the user. Also, another profoundly powerful framework in existence.

19) Eve

A framework that allows the work to be kicked on much faster and easier. Much suited for beginners in API development. It uses the flash as the web setup frame; it is with no trouble pluggable into the databases like SQL Alchemy, Neo4js, MongoDB.


ButterfylNet is another web framework suitably built for asynchronous setup and also largely secured in the same way.


These frameworks make web application development a very sophisticated and organized procedure and help build scalable and efficient applications. Also, they have the ability to hold both client-side and server-side programming contents.

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