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Trending October 2023 # Why To Use Uipath Re # Suggested November 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Introduction to Uipath Reframework

Uipath Reframework helps developers to build processes Quicker and more robustly and apply the best practices. It has many features: proper Exception Handling, Recovery abilities, Effective logging, Reusability, etc. In this topic, we are going to learn about Uipath Reframework.

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Why use UiPath Re-Framework?

Re-Framework makes the developer’s tasks much easier. It can re-try the failed transactions and has the features to re-initialize the applications and handle the Exceptions accordingly without human intervention.

Re-Framework Architecture

In Re-Framework, every project has “Main .Xaml file” which uses the State machine workflow. It is prepared with 3 state activities, 1 final state Activity, and 7 Transitions. Each state has been connected with transitions.

We have 4 stages in Re-Framework.

1. Init

Init is the first state that is used to initialize the required apps and all settings by reading and storing the configuration data in a dictionary, killing unnecessary applications, and opening necessary applications.

The finest part of Re-Framework is that it has the form so that you can prepare the required applications in Init State.

2. Get Transaction Data State

Get Transaction data. The state is the data extraction method right after the Init state. It fetches the transaction item from Queue, Database, Data Table, Folder, etc.

Re-Framework has pre-defined components which look for stop requests. However, BOT will end the process if there are any transaction items in the Queue. This helps in analyzing the flow and if the user has identified any exception while BOT is processing and the user wants to end the process before it works wrong for other transactions.

If there are no new items, then it goes to the End Process.

3. Process Transaction

If a transaction succeeds, the next transaction data is added to the Queue, and the loop is executed. When a certain action is performed, the Business Rule is triggered, causing the execution state to revert to the prior state.

Re-Framework has the prebuilt Set Transaction Status workflow, which sets the transaction status as either Success or Failure for each Item.

4. End State Process

Once all transactions have been successfully completed, the Robot enters the End state phase, closes all applications, terminates the applications, and ends the process.

You can see the below screen once you open the UiPath studio.

Examples of UiPath Re-Framework

Re-Framework is the best solution method to use when the user wants to upload multiple documents to a particular website, onboarding or offboarding the user in a company, scrape the data from hundreds of pages with less time, validate the applications, process the applications, validating and processing the Invoices, clearing the constant errors in the process.

Example #1 – Validating and processing the multiple Invoices

If you want to validate and upload multiple invoices in a particular web application, which are in the format of PDF, Word, and other formats.

Please follow the below steps:

Add all the required application credentials in Config File.

Add the required applications URL’s in Config File, which is an easier way than changing the details in the workflow design.

Store the Invoice forms in particular folders as per the format.

Validate the invoice forms based on the keywords and upload them in Web Application.

Re-try if Bot has failed to validate or upload the Invoice file.

Example #2 – Employee/User -On-Boarding/Off Boarding Process

In many companies, It is very difficult to update the User details manually, filling forms when a new employee joins. Employee On-boarding details can be processed very easily within less time using Re-Frame work even though the company is relay on the Legacy system.

Examples #3 – Generating the reports for any network Issue

It is always difficult for humans to check manually when those servers’ utilization exceeds the threshold, as the checking process involves multiple steps.

In this case, BOT can easily log in to a particular server and check which process’s utilization is more, get exact values, and generate the ticket accordingly as per the steps given in the workflow.

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Why Everyone Should Use Google Calendar

If you’re not using Google Calendar, you don’t know what you’re missing.

I’m not suggesting that you stop using whatever calendar software you’re currently using. I’m saying that Google is super powerful as a secondary calendar, or even as a non-calendar resource that does all kinds of useful jobs for you.

Google calendar is such an easy and powerful tool for so many things that have little or nothing to do with your actual appointments and schedule, that everyone should use it.

Here’s how you can improve your life with Google Calendar.

Make Your Own Local City Guide

You can create or subscribe to two, three, five, ten or dozens of individual calendars in Google Calendar, and view all at once if you want to. Each can be toggled on or off separately.

By subscribing to multiple local-event related public calendars, you can see everything that’s happening in your town at a glance.

Now, again in the search box, enter your city and state. Browse the many event calendars and pick those you’re interested in. Depending on the city you live in, you’ll find concerts, sports events, lectures, festivals, and other local events. By adding these to your secondary calendar, you’re creating a passive resource that shows you at a glance everything happening in your area.

Alternatively or in addition, you can create a professional events calendar — trade shows and other events. Just search.

And, finally, if you travel to another city or another country, set up calendars for events wherever you’re going to be. No tourist guidebook can give you this quality of schedule event information.

Never Forget Birthdays and Anniversaries

Google Calendar is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and similar annual events. Here’s why: You can set as many notifications as you like for each event.

With events like birthdays and anniversaries, you need to be notified on the special day plus at minimum some number of days before the event so you can buy a gift, make reservations and order flowers.

From the left navigation bar, choose “Add,” then “Create a new calendar.”

Just In Time Information System

This kind of “just in time” information can be entered into a custom-created calendar, which by default sends you an SMS message to your phone, right at the very moment when you need it.

Personal Nagging (Email) System

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How to Predict the Future

Are People Falling In Love with Computers?

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If you want to make sure you don’t forget something, set a recurring daily, weekly, monthly or annual item in Google Calendar, and have it send you an e-mail. You can remind yourself about a new policy at work, or to remember to take out the trash, or to stop cracking your knuckles — whatever. Nag yourself with Google Calendar until you can’t stand it anymore, at which time you can delete the reminder.

Information At Your Fingertips

If you go to Google Calendar from your cell phone, the site will detect your device and show you a special mobile view of the items on today’s and tomorrow’s calendar. (Your phone number needs to be entered in your Google Calendar setup — see above.)

You can also get that mobile view by sending a Text message from your phone to the shortcode “48368” with a one-word command. The command “next” tells you your next scheduled events; “day” tells you all events for today; and “nday” gets you all of tomorrow’s events.

Google Calendar is a great primary calendar for managing your appointments. But it’s even better as a secondary resource for all kinds of things unrelated to your meetings and schedule. It’s free. It requires no software installation. And it’s very powerful. Everyone should use Google Calendar.

Why Won’t My Word Document Save: 5 Quick Methods To Use

Why Won’t my Word Document Save: 5 Quick Methods to use Expertly-curated fixes to help you save your Word documents easily




Some users claimed they could not save Word documents, usually for Windows 2010, 2013, and 2023 versions.

You should try to disable a particular feature and check if the issue persists.

If you cannot save Word documents, ensure you verify if the antivirus is blocking your actions.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Microsoft Word is probably one of the best-known word processors on the market, but many users reported that Word won’t save their documents on their PC.

This is a pretty annoying problem, but today we’ll show you how to fix it properly in a matter of time.

Why can I not save my Word document?

Various potential causes can be responsible if Word won’t save your document. Below are some of the popular ones:

Faulty add-ins: Sometimes, the reason you get the Office can’t save a copy of your file right now prompt is because of faulty add-ins. To fix this, you need to start Word in Safe Mode and remove the add-ins.

Antivirus interference: In some cases, Windows Defender might prevent you from saving your document to some directories. You might need to disable certain features to get past this. Alternatively, you can switch to one of the best antiviruses for Windows PC.

Corrupt file template: If you cannot save your Word document in Windows 10, it might be because the default file template is corrupt. The solution is to rename it and allow Word to create another one.

What can I do if I’m unable to save a Word document? 1. Start Word in Safe Mode

If Word won’t save your documents to your desktop or any directory on your PC, perhaps the issue is related to one of the add-ins.

To fix the problem, users are suggesting starting Word in Safe Mode. If the issue doesn’t appear in Safe Mode, the problem is most likely related to your add-ins.

You can fix that by finding and disabling the problematic add-ins. This is quite simple, and you can do it by following these steps:

After you disable the problematic add-ins, check if the problem is still there.

2. Rename chúng tôi template

Use the following keyboard shortcut to open the Windows run dialog box: Windows + R.

In the opened window, input %appdata%, then hit Enter.

Navigate to the Microsoft.

Now, go to Templates.

In there, you should see Normal.dotm file.

Rename the file to OldNormal.dotm.

According to users, sometimes the problem can be caused by your template file. For example, if the default template file is damaged or corrupted, you’ll be unable to save Word documents on your PC.

However, you can easily recreate the template file on your own. This is quite simple to do, and you can do it by following these steps:

After doing that, you’ll force Word to recreate the new default template file. Once you recreate the template file, the issue should be resolved entirely.

Many users reported that this method worked for them, so we encourage you to try it out.

3. Disable Controlled Folder Access

Expert tip:

4. Check the save location

According to users, sometimes this problem can occur due to your saved location. For example, according to users, Microsoft Word doesn’t work well with long file paths, and if you’re saving your document in a path between 180 and 255 characters long, you might encounter this issue.

Word seems to have some issues with memorable characters, such as apostrophes and similar ones, so be sure not to have them in the file path or the file name. After making these changes, the problem should be resolved entirely.

5. Remove the Word Data registry key

According to users, if you’re unable to save Word documents on your PC, perhaps the problem is related to your registry.

Your registry can cause this issue; you need to remove a single key to fixing it. To do that, follow the above steps.

After that, start Word again and check if the problem is still there. If the issue is still present, run the chúng tôi file you created in Step 4 to restore the registry to its original state.

As you can see, many issues can prevent you from saving Word documents, but we hope you solve this problem after using one of our solutions.

Similarly, if you can’t edit your Word document, check our detailed guide for expertly curated fixes to solve the problem.

Still experiencing issues?

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How To Use Samsung Device Care Feature And Why Should Do That

Samsung is known to pack in a ton of features on their Android devices some of which are super handy while others might just be gimmicky and features that one would probably only use once in their lifetime. Nevertheless, features that are useful such as the Samsung Device Care are usually overlooked since most users aren’t aware of the feature in the first place.

So if you have any fairly recent Samsung device, then we’re here to let you know about the Samsung Device Care feature that comes pre-loaded with all recent smartphones launched by the Korean-Giant. If you’re wondering why you should use the Samsung Device Care feature and what good it does, then to answer your question, here’s a major use of the feature.

Samsung Device Care lets you boost your device performance as well as clear up some storage space on your device. This in itself is a good enough reason to use the feature since none of us want to use a laggy device in this day and age. So without much further ado, let’s check out how to use this cool feature.


How to use Samsung Device Care

Using the feature is super simple and would not take up much of your time as well. Simply follow these few steps to make the most out of Samsung Device Care.

You would now see the OPTIMISE NOW button.

Tap on OPTIMIZE NOW and let the feature do its magic.

This would automatically remove and unnecessary cache as well as close unused apps in the background to free up some memory.

You can also dive in deeper and optimize your device by checking out the individual options for Battery, Storage, Memory, and Security. So let’s take a look at what the individual options have to offer.


To check out the battery details, simply tap on Battery when in the Device care screen. From here you can check to see which applications are consuming the battery as well as how long each application has been running in the background or in the foreground. From there you could also access the battery settings by tapping on the three dots. 

This lets you keep track of any rogue applications which might be draining the battery on your Samsung device.


This can be accessed by tapping on Storage while in the Device care screen. The Storage feature lets you view how much storage is being used by applications or file categories. In case your device has unnecessary app data or files, then you would be able to see the CLEAN NOW button which would also display the size of the files that would be deleted if you choose to use the feature.

Cleaning your device storage every month or two is necessary to prevent the device from filling up with a load of junk files which tend to slow down the device over a period of time.


The Memory feature can be accessed by tapping on Memory while in the Device care screen. As the name suggests, using this feature would let you free up some RAM on your device. You would be able to see a list of applications currently running on the device and if you tap on View more, then you would also be able to see the various system apps currently running on the device as well.

Here, you would also see the CLEAN NOW button which would also show you the amount of RAM that can be freed up by simply tapping on the CLEAN NOW button. It’s worth noting that you could select which apps you want to clear from the memory and which apps you want to keep in memory as well.

Clearing the RAM improves power-consumption on your device since most apps running in the background are force-closed. This also boosts the performance of your device as well since it ensures the apps you need to run have sufficient memory to work with.


This too can be accessed via the Device care screen by tapping on Security. Samsung has partnered up McAfee to protect your device from malware and viruses as well as any suspicious activity taking place on your device without you knowing.

Simply tap on SCAN PHONE to begin a scan to check for any security threats that are present on your device.


Edge Analytics In 2023: What It Is, Why It Matters & Use Cases

Data and insights are valuable assets for any company with data driven decision making permeating every aspect of our lives. 

Historically, businesses collected data from different IoT devices and sensors, gathered them in a central point such as a data lake or data warehouse and performed analysis to gain insights. What if organizations can remove the step of data centralization/integration and skip to the analysis phase? This approach is called “edge analytics” and enables organizations to achieve

autonomous machine behavior

higher levels of data security

reduced data transfer costs

What is edge analytics?

Edge analytics is a method of analytics that performs analysis at non-central components of the system, such as sensors, switches and various connected devices. In other words, insights are gained closer to the devices where the data is gathered, rather than relying on a central location that can be thousands of miles away.

With the emergence of IoT technologies, there is an increasing amount of data that organizations collect and want to analyze. but transmitting data to a central point and insights to the edge back and forth takes time. Edge analytics provides fast and decentralized insights from data sets collected from the edge of the network.

Why is edge analytics important now?

It enables faster decision making, especially in cases of low bandwidth. Given businesses’ increasing reliance on automated, data driven decision making, edge analytics is an area of significant investment by tech giants.

Industries such as retail, energy, security, manufacturing and logistics can benefit from quick decision making enabled by edge analytics. For example, an autonomous vehicle needs to make a split-second decision about braking when it encounters an obstacle on the road. The decision speed requirement, in that case, is far faster than any cloud computing solution can provide. Businesses are rapidly deploying sensors and smart devices at the edge of the network that helps analyze data faster.

Edge analytics is not only for making decisions within milliseconds. Data collected from various devices and sensors is increasing rapidly. In cases where there is limited bandwidth between the server and the edge device, the speed of data transfer may not be sufficient even for less time sensitive applications.

Edge analytics is an area of significant investment by tech giants:

In Jan/2023, Apple acquired an edge focused AI start-up called chúng tôi Apple plans to run deep learning analytics models on edge devices such as phones, IoT devices, cameras, drones, and embedded CPUs.

Both Google Cloud and AWS have edge IoT focused products

How does it work?

The general workflow of edge analytics tools follows this pattern:

Sensors or devices at the edge collect data

Analytics capabilities within the devices enable performing analysis at the edge

If the device needs to take action, it does so relying on the results of the analysis. For example, Rulex is a vendor that provides autonomous operational decisions with real-time analytics at the edge.

Relevant data is transmitted from the edge to the cloud so businesses can see the big picture by aggregating summarized data (in case of bandwidth constraints) from thousands of devices

The figure below shows the working principle of IBM IoT Edge Analytics in a global hotel chain. A microphone is equipped with Watson analytics tool and it analyzes the tone of customers’ voice whenever a customer interacts with the receptionist. After the analysis, hotel management gains insights and designs actions to increase customer satisfaction.

For a more technical guide on how edge analytics works, IBM has a series of videos showing how businesses can leverage from IBM Edge Analytics solution:

How is edge analytics different than regular analytics?

Edge analytics have similar capabilities as regular analytics applications, except for the place where the analysis is performed. One major difference is that edge analytics applications need to work on edge devices that can have memory, processing power or communication constraints. These applications are optimized to work within these constraints.

When should businesses prefer performing analytics at the edge?

Does analyzing data in real-time improve productivity for your business?

Do you need a solution that can scale over time?

Does your business in an industry that requires fast responses when an unexpected change happens?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, edge analytics tools are what your business needs for data analysis.

Advantages of edge analytics include:

Faster, autonomous decision making since insights are identified at the data source, preventing latency

Lower cost of central data storage and management since less data is stored centrally

Lower cost of data transmission since less data is communicated to the central data warehouse

Better security/privacy since the most granular data such as video footage is not stored or communicated

What are edge analytics use cases?

Retail customer behavior analysis: Retailers can leverage data from a range of sensors, including parking lot sensors, shopping cart tags, and store cameras. By applying analytics to the data collected from these devices, retailers can offer personalized solutions for everyone with the help of behavioral targeting.

Remote monitoring and maintenance for various industries: Industries such as energy and manufacturing may require instant response when any machine fails to work or needs maintenance. Without the need for centralized data analytics, organizations can identify signs of failure faster and take action before any bottleneck can arise within the system.

Smart Surveillance: Businesses can use benefit from real-time intruder detection edge services for their security. By using raw images from security cameras, edge analytics can detect and track any suspicious activity.

What are the pitfalls to avoid?

We have observed two common pitfalls to avoid when organizations decide to put money on edge analytics.

Security: Cloud environments are designed with security in mind because breaches on the cloud are quite costly for the business. However, edge security is also important because some edge devices make decisions about real-world behavior of machines. Breaches can result in the sabotage of equipment, other costly machine errors or at least misinformation.

Maintenance: Some edge analytics systems share only their output with the cloud due to bandwidth or storage constraints. Then, businesses have no chance to review the raw inputs that led to the analyses that are shared with the cloud systems. Therefore, they need to make sure that inputs are processed with the latest analytics software, relying on outdated models can lead businesses to make decisions on wrong information.

Some edge analytics tools include:

AWS IoT GreenGrass

Cisco SmartAdvisor

Dell Statistica

HPE Edgeline

IBM Watson IoT Edge Analytics

Intel IoT Developer Kit

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge

Oracle Edge Analytics (OEA)

PTC ThingWorx Analytics

Streaming Lite by SAP HANA

Further Reading

Interested in learning more about analytics that is changing the way we do business? Check out our research for a wide range of analytics related articles:

You can also review top analytics platforms from our data-driven lists.

And if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





How To Use Scrapy Xpath

Definition of Scrapy XPath

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

What is Scrapy XPath?

XPath is an XML-based language that may also be used with HTML to select nodes in XML documents. Scrapy xpath is very important in python.

Both XML and Scrapy Selectors use the libxml2 library, therefore their speed and parsing accuracy are extremely similar.

HTML is the language of web pages, and every web page’s beginning and closing html tags contain a wealth of information.

There are a variety of ways to do this, we can use Python’s Scrapy module and the Xpath selector. Scrapy is a strong web scraping library that is yet simple to use.

How to use Scrapy XPath?

XPath is an XML-based language that may also be used with HTML to select nodes in XML documents. It’s one of two ways to scan HTML text in web pages; the other is to utilize CSS selectors.

XPath has more functionality than basic CSS selectors, but it is more difficult to master. CSS selectors are, in fact, internally transformed to XPath. When compared to its CSS counterpart, XPath appears difficult, but once we understand how it works, it’s as simple as it gets.

It’s not a big deal, the more we know, the better choice we will make. However, before choosing CSS selectors, we need to check the Scrapy XPath.

Because its features contain function in syntax, Xpath is a very strong technique to parse html files, and it may be able to reduce the use of regular expressions.

Web automation selenium is an example of a library that allows Xpath parsing. When parsing HTML, Xpath provides a wealth of choices.

The below steps show how to use scrapy xpath are as follows.

1) When using text nodes in an XPath string function, use dot instead of dot/text since this produces a node-set, which is a collection of text elements. In this step, we are installing the scrapy by using the pip command. In the below example we have already installed a scrapy package in our system so, it will show that requirement is already satisfied then we have no need to do anything.

pip install scrapy

2) After installing the scrapy in this step we are login into the python shell by using the python command are as follows.


3) After login into the python shell in this step we are importing the selector module by using scrapy package.

from scrapy import selector

4) After importing the module in this step we are providing the XPath and creating the variable for the same. In the below example we can see that we have created the variable name as py_xpath, also we have called the module name a selector, in the selector module we have created the variable name as text. In py_text variable, we have provided the scrapy xpath.

5) After providing XPath and creating variables in this step we are converting the node set and using the extract method is as follows.

py_xpath.xpath ('//a//text()').extract() Scrapy XPath Firefox

The below steps shows scrapy xpath firefox are as follows. To use the scrapy xpath firefox first we need to install the firefox browser in our system.

2) After installing firefox we are installing firebug, it is a pre-requisites to install the path.

3) After installing the firebug plugin in this step we are installing the firepath are as follows. To install the firepath on our system first we need to download the required package.

Scrapy xpath URLs

When scraping a URL with xpath, we need to check two things while scraping xpath URL. The link text and the url portion, also known as href. The below example shows the scrapy xpath url is as follows.


def parse (self, response): for py_quote in response.xpath ('//a/py_text()'): yield { "py_text" : py_quote.get () }


def parse (self, response): for py_quote in response.xpath('//a/@href'): yield { "py_text" : py_quote.get() } Advanced Scrapy XPath

In most cases, a web page will have multiple elements. There could be URLs sets, for example, one for books and the other for photographs. So, what will we do now that we only scrap the books?

Fortunately, web developers typically allocate separate classes to such scenarios in order to maintain a method to distinguish between them.


def parse (self, response): for py_quote in response.xpath ('//div[@class = "path"]//a/@href'): yield { "py_text" : chúng tôi () }

Only URLs in divs with the class “path” are returned in the above code. This allows us to focus our search results. The / character is used to divide XPath statements. These characters, on the other hand, denote a set of instructions.


Both XML and Scrapy Selectors use the libxml2 library, therefore their speed and parsing accuracy are extremely similar. Scrapy XPath is the most typical activity we must accomplish while scraping web pages. XPath has more functionality than basic CSS selectors, but it is more difficult to master.

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